Baby's Breath, Summer Sparkles


Category: Perennials
Common Name: Baby's Breath, Summer Sparkles
Botanical Name: Gypsophila SUMMER SPARKLES® ('ESM Chispa' PP19318)
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Height: 24-30 in.
Spread: 36-40 in.


SUMMER SPARKLES® sets a new standard in taller Gypsophilas. Unlike most which are quite open in habit and go dormant in late summer, this new variety has a much more compact, refined looking form and looks great in the garden all season. It forms a uniform, very densely branched, rounded clump of grey-green foliage that becomes completely covered in flowers from late spring through midsummer. The white flowers are small, semi-double, and slightly fragrant. They are borne prolifically on all sides of the plant. Deadheading the first round of flowers will encourage the plant to rebloom.