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 Do It Yourself Plans

We try and make it easy for the weekend warriors out there.  To do that, we have some pre-designed and priced landscape plans that are easy for you to install in your yard in a weekend.  These garden beds will add great value to your yard, help the environment, and attract wildlife.  You can pick up the plans at the store, see the pricing for the entire project, and pick up all the materials at the same time.  Then, you just need to take it all home and get to work!

You can see the Woodland Shade Garden by clicking on the link below.  The rest of the pre-designed plans listed below are available to be picked up with their corresponding pricing in any of our garden centers:
Woodland Shade Garden
Drought Tolerant Perennial and Shrub Bed
Perennial Rain Garden
Shrub Rain Garden 
Screening and Bird Garden
Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden

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